The Museum

This is a small educational centre within the Dive Centre office, that has been created and developed by Fiskardo Dive members.

The entrance is free and it is open to the public providing unique cultural and environmental information on the marine environment local to the small but popular harbour of Fiskardo.
The aim of our Museum is to inform visitors and raise awareness of endangered local marine life, such as the Mediterranean Monk Seal (close to extinction), the Loggerhead Turtle (an endangered species), the Fan Mussel (a protected species), or the Neptune Seagrass, “Posidonia oceanica”, (a protected ecosystem). The museum also contains skeletons of a Curvier’s Beaked whale (Ziphius cavirostris), a Mediterranean Monk Seal (Monachus monachus), and a Loggerhead Turtle (Caretta caretta).

In addition to these there is a display showing some artefacts and the story of a Bristol Beaufighter that was shot down by Germans in 1944, and crashed into the sea nearby. The pilot survived and we managed to obtain his diary thanks to his daughter, and the underwater remains of the plane constitute one of our dive sites.

More information :

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Wreck diving: Under the barge

We are open from April to  October
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