Points of interest:

The easiest cavern of all! Easy dive along the coast on rocky ecosystem where the particular rock formation create a nice playground for a relaxing dive. Several arches, little canyons and a shallow cavern (6 meters deep) with many colourfull encrusted sponges and coral are covering its walls. We often see there the greater sleeper lobster during mating season (May-June).

Max depth: 16 meters


Octopus Fondation

Longitude 181

Ionian Dolphin Project

Project Aware


Last Video

Last minuts of The Beaufighter


My first dive: Leo, 8 years old

Wreck diving: Under the barge

We are open from April to  October
 Mobile phone : (+30) 69 70 20 61 72, Office phone : (+30) 26740 23832
E-mail : fiskardodivers@yahoo.com

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