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From 2018, Fiskardo Divers started a collaborative project with the Octopus Foundation, MO-m and Archipelagos in efforts to gather data and raise awareness of the highly endangered Mediterranean Monk Seal.The initial phase of this project was to install several camera traps along the northern coastline of Kefalonia.

What we hope to gain from this installation are images of the seals movements and from that try to understand their behaviours. With the cameras now installed and with the support of IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) we can commence the roll out of the second phase of the project, community outreach and education.

Fiskardo Divers have made contact with a number of the charter yacht companies operating in the Ionian as it is our belief that sailors are amongst the most frequent to spot the Mediterranean Monk Seal. Our contact in efforts to educate these companies about the Mediterranean Monk Seal and their rapid decline has been positively received leaving them asking us what they can do to help. Early next year we plan to travel to various sailing headquarters in the Ionian to deliver a brief to their crew, hosts, skippers etc. and provide them with a Mediterranean Monk Seal sighting procedure. We believe this will be the key in helping to deliver the message and collect as much data as possible.


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