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The best thing about being in Fiskardo is that, in less than 30 min by boat, you will have access to an incredible number of diving sites. To add to this, Kefalonia water provide very good visibility with a range of 30 to 40 meters, which allows you to discover the amazing diversity of the wildelife, Fauna and Flora.

Human activity has existed for centuries, leaving behind several archaeological and historical souvenirs, from ship wrecks and potteries to the remains of a Bristol Beaufighter from World War II etc…

Fiskardo is also known for its tectonic movements. The surroundings of FISKARDO experience constant geological changes, which give rise to interesting caves, tunnels, cliffs and arches.

The average time for a dive is 45 min and ends with a safety stop.

After much exploration, we are proud to offer you a large range of dive sites, each one is unique and has a different characteristic. You won’t be disappointed.

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Octopus Fondation

Longitude 181

Ionian Dolphin Project

Project Aware


Last Video

Last minuts of The Beaufighter


My first dive: Leo, 8 years old

Wreck diving: Under the barge

We are open from April to  October
 Mobile phone : (+30) 69 70 20 61 72, Office phone : (+30) 26740 23832
E-mail : fiskardodivers@yahoo.com

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