Fiskardo Divers – A Profesionnal, Ethical & Friendly Dive Centre in the North Kefalonia



We are a PADI and SSI dive centre run by a French Scuba Instructor and biologist. Arriving in Fiskardo in 1999, Cédric Georges established the Fiskardo Environmental Museum before founding Fiskardo Divers in 2005. In 2018, he established the marine research and conservation organisation, KOSAMARE. Our office is therefore always busy with divers and researchers, and you can find an assortment of displays on the Mediterranean monk seal, loggerhead turtle, and the impressive skeleton of a Cuvier’s beaked whale! We also have artifacts and the story of a Bristol Beaufighter – a British bomber shot down near Fiskardo in 1944 (you can dive on the wreck!).  

The Dive Center


Built in 1870, our building is one of the oldest in Fiskardo and has a beautiful vaulted room that was use in the past to store the salt of the village. This is where we store our diving equipment. Our compressors are BAEUR Minivertigus and a Paramina Typhoon Classic (15m3/h) with two 50 litres storage tanks for fast refilling. We are affiliated with Scubapro, our equipment is tested annually by professionals and renewed frequently. We are equipped with a defibrilator.


The team

Our team of professional divers come from all over the world and have a wide-ranging experience to suit your needs. We speak Greek, English, French, Spanish, and German. 


Cédric Georges: Biologist, PADI Master Scuba Diver Instructor and SSI Instructor. Cédric discovered Kefalonia in 1999 where he worked in the conservation of the marine environment before founding Fiskardo Divers in 2005. French. 

Spiros Thanasoulas: PADI Instructor, TechDive Instructor and cave diving enthusiast. Computer engineer and professional hacker. Spiros is renowned for his energy and boundless enthusiasm. Greek. 

Tedra Bolger: PADI Instructor, Mathematician and champion swimmer. The perfectionist of the team. Canadian.

Cat Fotherby: PADI Instructor, Marine Biology student and passionate about surfing. South African.

Alex Mc Master: PADI Instructor, journalist and ecologist. Alex will tell you stories until you ask him to stop. Irish.

Alma Gombert: PADI Instructor and marine biologist. Alma is obsessed with Nudibranch! French.

Isobel Czanercki: PADI Divemaster, BSAC Instructor, Mathematician, always passing through! Scottish.

Roxanne: Faithful companion of Cédric, graduate in hugs. Greek.


The boats




One of the most distinctive boats in the harbour, Neptune III is a spacious and comfortable vessel. Moored just a few metres from the dive centre, we have access to a large range of dive sites within a 30 minute journey. With a large diving platform and a roof for the summer sun, Neptune III is the perfect boat for a comfortable dive trip! With space for 12 people, we can easily accommodate family trips, divers with mixed abilities, and private charters.





Monachus is our semi-rigid boat with space for up to 10 divers and the speed to access our more distant sites, as well as reaching our classic sites in less than 10 minutes. At 8.5 metres, it is equipped with a 250hp Suzuki 4-stroke motor. 


Both vessels carry all the necessary emergency equipment as well as GPS, radio, depth sounder. 

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