Fiskardo Divers – A Profesionnal, Ethical & Friendly Dive Centre in the North Kefalonia

Underwater Conservation Path

In 2018, Fiskardo Divers have invested some love into the Creation of submersible display boards which provide information about the ecosystem and marine species they may encounter while diving. You’ll find information about the very important ecosystem of Posidonia oceanica (Neptune Grass), the protected giant musell (Pinna Nobilis), along with the more common creatures of the deep such as the octopus, sea urchins and star fish.

The idea of this initiative is to create awareness by bringing the information and fun facts to the divers while they are there experiencing our underwater wonderland, ultimately increasing their understanding and adding to their overall experience.

We have created 2 path with about 15 display each, one in Emblissi site for the beginners who came trying scuba diving for the first time. Another one in Xeropunta for the Certified divers.

This initiative was awarded by the organisation Longitude181 at the Paris Dive Show 2018 during which Fiskardo Divers won the Trophy for « Eco-Responsible Dive Centre » of the year.

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