Fiskardo Divers – A Profesionnal, Ethical & Friendly Dive Centre in the North Kefalonia


Points of interest : 

There are 3 possible dives from this location, with its impressive above- and underwater cliffs, which you access from the land:

1. An easy dive departing from the beach, where you visit a Neptune seagrass ecosystem. (Maximum depth : 15 meters).

2. A dive along an underwater cliff. (Maximum depth : 40 meters).

3. And for those who are looking for something a little more high octane, this last dive starts with a 6 metre leap from a cliff (the equipment is thrown in first)! We then follow a rock face in the search of a Second World War naval (disarmed) mine, and explore a grotto with 3 chambers. We exit at the tip of a rocky outcrop, walking 5 minutes along a pebbly path back. This dive demands that you’re in good physical condition (maximum depth : 20 meters).

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