Fiskardo Divers – A Profesionnal, Ethical & Friendly Dive Centre in the North Kefalonia

Kefalonia is well-known for its crystal-clear water visibility that can exceeds 40 meters. This makes it the ideal place to start learning scuba diving. Enjoy your first experience of breathing underwater with us and discover a whole new world of colour.


All our courses are conducted by Professionals and Certified PADI Dive Instructors. 

Try the unforgetable experience of breathing underwater !

Try the unforgettable experience of breathing underwater! Our discover scuba diving program gives you a chance to try scuba diving in a safe and friendly environment. The session takes up to three hours and we run them every afternoon during the summer months.


The dive will take place in three stages. First, you will be introduced to the basics of diving equipment and how to use it in a short briefing here in our dive centre. Second, we will take you by boat to a shallow and sheltered place to become familiar with the equipment and practise soe diving skills. Finally, when you are comfortable, we will take you for a short underwater exploration. You will accompanied throughout the experience by a PADI Instructor or Divemaster to ensure that your first time underwater is safe, relaxed and fun! This is a great trip for families who want to dive together.


Minimum age: 10 years

Maximum depth: 10 metres


The Adventure Beginner Dive


For those who want to move beyond the discover scuba diving session, or who do not have a diving certification. This experience allows you to explore more challenging dive sites with the supervision of an Instructor. We will take you to a large grotto and a beautiful underwater cliff with an abundance of sea life. You will also have the chance to explore a ship wreck during two dives of 40 minutes. 


We require that anyone undertaking an adventure beginner dive has previously taken a discover scuba diving session or has dived several times with us before.


Minimum age: 10

Maximum depth; 12m


Ideal for children and those a little more nervous of diving. This program allows you to immediately enjoy a shallow dive of up to 2 metres with the help of an Instructor. Our dive centre is fully equipped to accommodate people of all ages and sizes. 


Minimum age: 8

Maximum depth: 2m

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