Fiskardo Divers – A Profesionnal, Ethical & Friendly Dive Centre in the North Kefalonia

Try the unforgetable experience of breathing underwater !


The Bubblemaker

Ideal for children and those a little more nervous about diving, the Bubblemaker cuts out the theory and practice from the Trial Dive and allows you to immediately enjoy a shallow dive of up to 2 metres. Our dive centre is fully-equipped to fit people of all ages and sizes, especially children. Minimum age : 8 years old Maximum depth : 2 metres

Supply Air Snorkelling


Ideal for young children to experience the sensation of diving without carrying any equipment. They will be alongside a dedicated instructor who will share their equipment in a shallow depth of up to 1m.


Minimum age: 5

Maximum depth: 1m


Snorkelling or come onboard

If you don’t want to dive but want to join the rest of the family on the trip, you are welcome onboard for snorkelling, swimming or to just chill out.

For participants under the age of 18 we will require the authorization and signature of a parent or guardian.

All our courses are conducted by Professionals and Certified PADI Dive Instructors.

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